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Surprise Wedding

I peform Surprise Wedding Cereremonies.

There are many ways to do a surprise wedding.

You can surprise your wedding party - - invite everyone to a party and make it a wedding! Many couples I've married at a wedding party surprise will usually make a speech or announcement and then right there I come forward and start the ceremony to the shock and tears of the wedding guests.

Or you can surprise your mate and get married on the spot. Sometimes these are surprise desitnation weddings to elope. I highly recommend that you get a good feel or at least discuss a wedding beforehand if you are going to surpise your fiance. A surprise wedding is usually not a surprise, but the timing is a surprise. Most surprise marriages I have officiated have resulted in lots of emotions and tears and "congratulations".

Of course, I can provide a Florida marriage license for you instantly as long as you have been living together and really want to get married.

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